A Real Page Turnerzzzzzzz

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This Can't Be Good...


"Wait until you see the title of the next chapter, human. It's called ... TIME TO TAKE A BREAK FROM READING AND PLAY WITH YOUR LOVING FUR-BABY!"

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This Is Tail Raisingly Good

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Sure to Make the Best-Seller List

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This Steinbeck Has Some Explaining to do

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The Cat Who Was Overshadowed

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It Wuld Come in Hande!

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On the Upside, I Think I Found My Third Eye or Sumptin

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Dat White Tuna Will Be Mine!

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Why Hoomins Call It That Then?

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Via Tastefully Offensive

I Luv a Gud Mistery Book

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Reading is Delish!

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Nawt Eben a Tolkien Kitteh!

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We've Read it Ten Times Already!

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It's important to keep up to date

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