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They even have songs about it

Cat meme of kitty coming out a travel bad with a shocked look that they also have caturday on this planet.
Created by catsuberalles

Someplace Warm I Hope!

animals captions cute Travel Cats - 8571906048
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Cats cute Travel Video - 74005505

Explore Part of Japan While You Look for Local Cats With Hiroshima Cat Street View

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Travel in Comfort

Cats funny shipping Travel - 8243591424
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Not Without me, Anyway...

Cats suitcase Travel trapped - 7905749760

Kitteh KNOWS When You Have Travel Plans

Travel Cats - 7859748864
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Always Ready to Help

suitcase Travel Cats - 7812667904
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Hunh. This is not Oz

Cats fantasy kingdom literature lolcats magic narnia oops oz Portal portals Travel - 6176157696
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Well you didn't like it when I smacked the ticket guy at the airport.

fly holiday suitcase Travel vacation - 6323708416
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When pilgrims can't take a hint

blessing imagination pretend ruler Travel wtf - 6249573376
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I is not cat

camouflage Hall of Fame leave pretend suitcase sweater Travel vacation - 6207846144
Created by tulsa7035

Lookin' Owt Fur Numbr Wun.

car pee road trip Travel trip urine - 6182911232
Created by violetD

Lenny regretted not reading the fine print in the travel brochure.

captions Cats cold Travel winter - 6486611968
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