Animal Comedy


Just Swallow Slowly...Nobody Will Notice

whoops chipmunk prayer - 8288118016
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Did You Even Give it the Huff-Puff Test Bro?

whoops pig - 8367759104
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Mai Bad, I Juss Bak Down Nice an Slow, 'K?

whoops squirrel tree - 8452497920
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The Awkward Power of a Simple Wave

animals whoops seal - 8409180416
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Cuz Plan A Ain't Workin'

whoops squirrel trapped - 8360120064
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Kissing Always Leads to Trouble

whoops KISS fish funny weird - 8020754688
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I'z Headed Fur the City

baby animals whoops birds - 8427170560
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Did I Say That Out Loud?

whoops seal - 8318099200
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Monkey Business Gone Awry

whoops monkey - 8426608384
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Feeling Pretty Toasty Now Though

whoops birds Fluffy car wash - 8378825728
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Ow, Don't Do That

ouch panda whoops FAIL true story - 8462755328
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