Animal Comedy


Looks Delicious, Though

ferrets no thanks figure watching - 5771094784
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You Have Wings, Bird! You Can Fly! You Don't Need My Help!

animals birds creepy hawks help I Can Has Cheezburger watching windows - 5238959872
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Hey Dude, Scooch Over

polar bear football watching - 6605871360
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And Who Stalks Those Who Stalk the Stalkers?

animals Cats cell phones creepy I Can Has Cheezburger phones stalkers stalking watching - 5234784000
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I Don't Care What Question You Want Answered

bear nervous peeing watching - 6330552064
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That's the Proper Reaction

chicken kardashians reality tv stupid tried watching - 5931573760
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Stalker Cat Likes What He Sees

animals Cats creepy I Can Has Cheezburger stalker watching - 5070341888
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Foul! Number 42!

lemur foul football referee call watching - 6625504768
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Ever Feel Like You're Being Watched?

animals bad creepy i has a hotdog watching - 5209725440
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Yes She Did

flexible monkeys watching - 6332990976
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I Will Be the Petted One Again

guinea pigs SOON watching - 7051248896
By givmtheboot

I Creep Because I Care

animals Cats creepy I Can Has Cheezburger sleeping watching wtf - 5190323712
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He's Seen Everything

you ninja Staring angry watching cows - 6949456128
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I Noticed That You Didn't Wash Behind Your Ears, Timmy

creepy gross historic lols pedobear showers watching - 5149323776
By xyzpdq1

Dolphin Day Trip

aquarium dolphins Hall of Fame laughing people reverse watching - 6087698432
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The Biggest Horror Movie of the Year

scary stalking deer hunting watching - 6987337728
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