Animal Comedy


Monday Approaches, be Prepared

animals baby animals coffee turtle squee - 8387376384
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Best. Challenge. Ever.

Challenge Accepted eating food happy heaven lots turtle - 6265307392
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Every Thanksgiving Dinner

Challenge Accepted strawberry small food turtle - 6754504192
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I Thought the Hard Part was Over

baby animals egg hatched here now what turtle world - 6184220160
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turtle - 7150499072
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I Knew It

computer friend slow turtle typing - 6545581568
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Born With a Confused

baby beach hatched egg confused where turtle - 6761568512
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Punk Rawk Means He Can Break The Speed Laws

yarn costume turtle - 7785129984
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There Were No Survivors

teenage mutant ninja turtles turtle train - 8312693504
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We're Going to Have a Squee

baby pun test turtle squee - 6668780800
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Not so Shy Anymore

shy cute shell turtle - 7718801408
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The Gull of Some People

rock turtle seagull - 7435026432
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cute turtle Video - 74524161

Turtles Like Back Scratches Too

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Spreading Joy at the Most Consistant Speed

turtle - 7778592512
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HBO Here I Come

cool fancy fish friends turtle - 6072061440
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Evil Turtle Is Evil

evil turtle funny - 7548925696
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