Taller Than Life Funny And Wholesome Giraffe Tweets

These last few months have been a bit stressful, we know. It's been hard to keep our heads held high and stay strong. But you know who's the best at keeping their heads held high? It's quite an obvious answer when you think about it... it's a giraffe! Duh! 

These taller than life, adorable, high and mighty, clumsy and beautiful creatures are the best to teach us exactly how to stay strong and stand tall at any and all time. Giraffes are also extremely funny, did you know that? And people tweeting about giraffes may even be funnier than that. But these tall beings are not just funny, they're also so incredible adorable, sometimes it's surprising. So, hopefully, these tweets will make you smile, laugh, and make you stand just a little bit taller. 

funny and wholesome giraffe tweets thumbnail includes one tweet 'Text - thomas @perfectsweeties is there an event more traumatic than the birth of a baby giraffe. being airdropped 6 feet into this cold harsh world. standing on wobbly legs and coming to terms with the fact ur main purpose in life is to eat tall leaf 6:42 PM · Aug 20, 2020 · Twitter for Android 8K Retweets 157 Quote Tweets 98.7K Likes'
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