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An Adorable Rodent Doesn't Hurt Either

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I Can Tell by the Size of Your Ears That You Heard Me Right the First Time, Trevor...

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I Heard They Pay Good Ducks for It!

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Baby, Baby, Baby Ohhhhh!

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Mama Taught Me Not to Laugh at Those With Speech Impediments

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The Curse of Windows Update

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Because Squilence is Golden

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And That is Why Most Rodents Prefer White Wine

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"Begging": A One-Act Play by Richard Gere's Gerbil

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Gotta Give Deez Nutz Some Room to Breathe!

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Someone Give This Guy A Medal!

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Is She Asleep? Start Gnawing!

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Stop Eating Your Brother's Ear!

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This Isn't as "Smart" as They Make it Out to Be!

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After That, He Starts Charging

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