Animal Comedy


Canine Therapy

ears great dane i has a hotdog listening therapy - 5701168640
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Or Maybe I Can Swim Far Away

otter sleepy bored stories listening swim river wake up - 6571549184
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It's a Funny Story

animals frog go on listening proceed tell me - 5466986240
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Tell Me Your Wisdom

parrot seeds watermelon listening speaking - 6593140480
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I Will Obey!

polly parrots listening watermelon kill - 6955013120
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Now We Have a Big Mess to Clean Up

bears listening waterfall sorry dropped fell - 6935043840
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The Voice of the Planet

cow listening grass earth - 6726506496
By Unknown

Don't Disrespect the Pole

listening parakeet quiet shhh speaking - 6554653952

Half Listening

rabbits bunnies ears listening half sorry - 6636816128
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Better Keep That One a Secret

best of the week butt Hall of Fame listening ostrich secrets tell me zebra - 6100583936
By Unknown

Melon Knows. Melon Knows Everything

crazy voices parrots evil listening watermelon - 6909997824
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Repeat Dat, Plz

cake deer listening - 5847796736
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No Really, I'm Just Resting my Eyes

boring eyes closed lion listening story - 6332654592
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Nobody Really Listens Like He Does

concerned how does that make you feel listening psychiatrist squirrel - 6525832960
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Takes Years of Practice

bunnies ears sport listening - 6713201920
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So, As I Was Saying...

animals continue lemur listening primate - 5773132032
By Unknown