Animal Comedy


High as a kite... In the air whatchu talking about Willis? Whether you're at great altitude, in body or mind, you'll find plenty of high reaching memes and puns to keep you busy up there in the clouds.

Thought I Hid it Better This Time

dude eating high munchies squirrel stash - 6519618560
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Hey... Hey, Man

animals feels good Feels Good Man goat high stoned whoa - 5617682432
By Unknown

Pretty Cute, To Be Honest

animals high cute turtle - 8486101760
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That's Just like, Your Opinion Frog

frog high marijuana - 3958429440
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It's from B.C., Man. They Have the Best Stuff There!

drugs flood flooding high smoke smoking water weed - 5317701376
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Now How About Dropping some Food Down

annoyed bear hi high loud Staring zoo - 6516900608
By Chris10a

You Has da Funniest Stories!

catnip drugs friend high hugging lion tree - 6475061248
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And Your Wondered Where Those Beautiful Colors in Your Sweater Came From....

colors high woah trippy sheep Mushrooms - 6998310912
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You've Been Doing Eucalyptus With Koalas Haven't You?

eucalyptus high lemurs obvious sign where - 6580516864
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It's Giving Away My Position

animals chameleon colorful drugs high reptile - 5664831488
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I'll Take Whatever She's Having

drugs high historic lols trippin vintage whoa - 5475696384
By xyzpdq1

Trippin' Out, Man

cat high i-have-no-idea-whats-going-on trippin what the hell wtf - 5159183872
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What is This... You Can't Smoke This... Guys, What's Going On?

baby child drugs high infant marijuana stoned this-isnt-my - 5471248640
Via Did You Just Eat Sofa Pizza?

I'll Have What He's Having

animals Cats crazy drugs high I Can Has Cheezburger upside down wtf - 5044659456
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derp high owls - 8314578432
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You Guys are Into Some Weird Stuff!

high koalas kangaroos eucalyptus dude - 7072988928
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