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It's Going to be Using That More Often!

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They Can't Leave Well Enough Alone

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From the Prologue of Sarah Palin's "Going Rogue"...

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Hey, Aren't You the Blue Bird of, oh Nevermind...

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Looks That Way!

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story about a giant panda cub in a Chinese zoo being named 'little miracle' Xiao Qi Ji thumbnail includes one picture of a tiny panda cub

Giant Panda Cub Gets Named And Its A True 'Little Miracle'

Xiao Qi Ji = Little Miracle
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A Sad Truth

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You Don't Need to in Order to be a Desk Monkey!

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Don't Forget Prophylactics!

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I Never Thought This Would Happen to Me

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I Have Dreamed of This Day!

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I Must Be Really Happy

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Not That I Mind

captions goat grass happy high stoned weed - 6511626752
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