Animal Comedy


I Don't See Any

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Okay, How About Two

denial diet fat hamster reason slide stuck - 6116799232
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Note to Self: Spend More Time on the Wheel

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Holidays Have Varying Meanings

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Finally! Watch 100 Years of Hamster Beauty Flash Before Your Eyes in Minutes

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Kitteh kwestions # -- wait! That is nawt a kitteh

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You Will Not Leave This Cage Alive

cage evil hamster sinister trap wheel - 6176822016
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No time to explain. Just put on the hats and act casual.

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I Have Dreamed of This Day!

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Watch What Happens When This Adorable Tiny Hamster Turns Into A Giant Monster!

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Mwa Ha Hamster!

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Too Cute to Play

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Gets 'Em Every Time

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Flat-foot it Outta There!

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You might not want to watch dis.

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