Animal Comedy


Off to My Home Planet Now!

guy jump jumping my planet needs me work - 5661907456
By xyzpdq1

I'm sooo poor all i got is one buck

art buck guy money poor random guy what - 5468532224
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We Have Our Mother's Nose

camel guy random person resemblance siblings - 5839767552
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Not Really Sure if I Can Anymore...

coke flexible guy Like a Boss proceed soda wtf - 5443694848
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Feels Good to be Back on the Outside

bars guy piercings random guy wtf wth youre-stupid - 5675349760
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Online Dating

animals cat guy I Can Has Cheezburger kitten online dating random guy - 5617671168
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How Are We Supposed to Eat Him Now?

eating guy jump lions roar scared stuck - 6541017856
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There's a Weird Guy Over There

attention bears camera guy looking mom weird - 6037723136
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Does the Hat Help at All?

giraffes guy hat stfu thinking wtf - 5567970048
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Standing Tall, Standing Proud

awesome BAMF guy mustache random guy - 5688288512
By Unknown

Not Again, Grandpa

guy Music random person - 5621038592
By xyzpdq1