Animal Comedy


One Baaa-aad Goat

guns goat - 7340722176
By Unknown


action animals Cats guns I Can Has Cheezburger jumping leaping - 5178833408
By Unknown

Plan for World Domination: Stalled

goat guns confused - 6615711488
See all captions By Kirajenlove

Very Impressive, Son

dads guns military Pundit Kitchen soldiers - 5218966528
See all captions By lechoogs

Should Have Fixed It Yourself

guns historic lols marriage sandwich sexism violence - 5183592960
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goat happy guns zombie prepared chasing - 6613711872
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Call In the Reinforcements!

arm goat guns wisdom - 6575458048
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From the Prologue of Sarah Palin's "Going Rogue"...

family guns happy historic lols wtf - 5013831168
See all captions By janeandkitty

Overly Optimistic

best of the week guns Hall of Fame historic lols - 5447789568
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Damn Machine Ate My Dollar!

guns weapons wtf - 5247415552
By martyr

Tickets to the Literal Gun Show

arms captions go ahead goat guns legs - 6567903488
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america American Flag caption contest guns TV weapons wtf - 5259104256
Via I Heart Chaos

Baby Godfather: F@%$ a Cannoli!

Babies guns kids movie reference quotes the godfather - 5195384576
By Unknown

Bye Bye Sanity! It Was Nice Knowing You!

christmas guns santa santa claus - 5498605056
See all captions By Greybeard55

Nobody Had the Guts to Tell Him it Wasnt' an Educational Film

goat scarface guns - 6568295680
See all captions By HokieGirl74

He Made a Very Convincing Argument

guns goat that moment threatening choose vegetarian - 6841403392
See all captions By Palsnewark
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