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She Smells Funny!

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Watch Elephants Gleefully Splash Around in a Pool Made Just for Them

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elephant memes

9 Great LOLs to Celebrate World Elephant Day!

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This Is What an Elephant Does When It Hears Classical Music

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If You Can Smell This, You're Too Close

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I Don't Think It's Out

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Seals...The Elephants of the Sea

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Oh, He's Definitely Gonna Sit on You Now

Meme of an elephant about to sit on a car with the captions saying that we are Democrats, with the joke being that elephants mush be Republicans
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Now You Can Use Google Street View to Get to Know the Elephants in Samburu, Kenya

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It's the Small Things in Life

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And They Only Work for Peanuts!

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I Won't Forget to Return it

Babies puns cute elephants - 8116376320
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Elephant Slushy

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That's Why They Have Built-In Snorkels

Babies elephants mom funny - 8026043648
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Can Elephants Play a Rimshot?

elephants nose peanuts puns trunk wordplay - 6230648320
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That's Right. Stand Back and Watch Me Break Something!

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