Animal Comedy


But, I Didn't Take It!

attack elephant lion lions peanut running whoa - 5902786304
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animals elephant captions funny - 8477304064
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I'm All Ears Capshun Contest 1st Runner Up!

butterfly caption contest ears elephant - 5901514240
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They're Just Jealous, Hun

baby bully climb cry elephant jerk kid mom tree - 6035192576
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How Was I to Know There Was a Party Going On?

animals bath bath time elephant having fun water - 5271436032
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baby elephant cute - 71899137

Baby Elephant Needs a Little Help Here

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It's Not Soccer, It's Trunkball

elephant soccer - 7683573760
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Can You Even Pick Stuff Up With It?

elephant captions funny - 8545045248
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I'm All Ears Capshun Contest The Winner!!!

butterfly caption contest ears elephant - 5901503232
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She Smells Funny!

animals child elephant elephants kid no pouting - 5713971968
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elephant recycling funny crush - 8450698496
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This Elephant Escaped the Circus Just to Go Shop at a Flea Market?

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Just Asking. For Science.

asking dumbo elephant flying hint metaphor - 6129100288
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I'll Just Wait For You Here

animals drivers elephant road - 5662969856
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baby elephant hurt ouch ow pain - 6022932224
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Best Laid Plans

beach elephant embarrassment faceplant plan water - 6330389248
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