Animal Comedy


Seven Adorable Regrets

animals birth Cats condoms drinking drunk I Can Has Cheezburger litter regrets sex - 5073980160
By sassyredhead92

Hold My Feathers

beer leaning drunk owls sick - 6784509440
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A True and Tasty Love

alcohol beer best of the week drunk Hall of Fame love people relationships rude - 5186187520
By Unknown

She Emanates Class and Distinction

drinking drunk - 5494564096
See all captions By aguy

Happy Hour ethical question #4

animals drunk bear taxi funny animals - 8589217280
See all captions By chianty

Why Are We Going to Your Car?

dancing disbelief drunk i swear lamb officer sheep - 6230348800
See all captions By benhuh

But, My Mood is Elevated!

alcohol booze drinking drunk historic lols vintage woman - 5729023232
See all captions By Unknown

You're Barking Up the Wrong Tree

drunk funny leopards - 8228494080
Via turborotfl

Good Times, Good Times

baby drunk infant tired - 5649189120
Via I Raff, I Ruse

Give Me My Keys, Man

drunk historic lols idiot painting - 5519926016
See all captions By JoshJarv

I'm Cutting You Off, Buddy

alcohol booze crow drink drinking drunk edgar allen poe nevermore raven - 5382846976
See all captions By bloodyjoke
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