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Sometimes They Come in Handy

chicken cold freezing grandma sweater - 6572419840
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Jerked With A Red Stripe

Cats bird chicken noms - 8447990784
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That Awkward Moment

Awkward birds chicken chickens children ducklings kids mistake multipanel that awkward moment wrong - 6079869184
By Unknown

Mmm, Dinosaur!

chicken dinosaur evolution fact rooster science - 6550959616
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I Don't Care Why He Did It

bear car chicken crossing the road hit last time scared - 6575361280
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Get Your Facts Straight

chicken captions funny - 8567290112
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Everybody's a Comedian

chicken cars joke captions - 8549772800
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I Need it Now!

chicken rooster took - 5912966656
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I Tried High Heels but My Claws Don't Fit

bikini chicken desperate love rooster - 6119527424
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Music chicken Video - 70622465

You Make Me Feel Like A Natural BRKAAAK

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This Baby Chicken Looks...Bigger Than Usual

funny dogs birds This Baby Chicken Looks...Bigger Than Usual
Via redrumpanda


chicken cross the road road - 5833454592
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Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night Chicken

chicken bold why - 8336185856
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Friends Have Fights Over the Silliest Things.

chicken birds captions funny - 8532779776
By echeg5

It's Not as Easy as it Looks

chicken rooster - 8255694848
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Meadow Time-Share

chicken funny animals cows - 8577969408
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