Animal Comedy


Hornbill Photobomb

bird - 7421249280
By hallas31 (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

But Aren't You Diurnal?

bird birds scary threat threatening tonight you - 6041210624
Via Nick Holmes

This Bird Isn't Angry

angry bird grammar lolspeak polite - 6539276288
See all captions By TripleCookieDough

Ya Gotta Taek teh Gud Wif teh Bad

friends bird mouse - 8333075712
See all captions By violetD

I Think We Need Couples Counseling

bird bugs capybara couple relationship - 6351673600
See all captions By jennybookseller

Why Does She Keep Disappearing?

baby bird flamingo lost mother short tall - 5781640192
See all captions By nutmegluvzu

Practice Makes Perfect

animals bird drinking thirsty water - 5688317696
See all captions By watermistress

No More Swimming! I'm Taking Flight!

bird birds invisible penguin penguins - 5883466496
See all captions By Suzybeanz

I Never Know How to Act Around Him...

albino bird birds peacock - 5871812352
See all captions By sametoyou

A Species Unknown to Any Mere Cat

big bird capybara fleas rats - 6350032384
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Don't Judge the Book

bird camouflage feather hide parrot pose pretend rabbit - 5936807424
See all captions By TuckerBentley

Yeah, I hate college gigs, too

annoyed band bird budgie drums Music parakeet play - 5973670656
See all captions By Greencliff

Now Shake!

bird leering nice shake Staring - 6523230208
See all captions By NawtyKitty

A Little Squirrel Told Him

bird idiom saying secret squirrel - 6520828928
See all captions By Jedi51

He Said it was for a Tasteful Documentary

bath bird Owl - 8361578240
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Worst. Minion. Ever.

annoying basement cat bird crow regret worst - 6284327680
See all captions By Maryh