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5 TikToks about a baby and dog that don't like to share toys | Thumbnail includes three screenshots of a baby and a white retriever refusing to share toys 'let go immediate! you can't has it tug o' war is my fave'

Taco The Doggo Refuses To Share Plushies With His Baby Sister (Even Though They're Not His)

Kinda dramatic
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10 reddit text images | thumbnail blue background text " pick up times and for the past three times they have shown up over an hour past closing time to pick up their dogs. The first time they said it was because they forgot, the second time it was because of their kids and the third and undisclosed emergency. I let it slide all three times but the third time I warned them I wouldn't let it go this next time. "

Dog Groomer Gets Fed Up With Late Pick Ups, Drops Dog At Local Shelter Until Owner Bothers To Answer

Just rude
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this week's collection of pictures that are worth more than 1000 words | thumbnail includes two pictures including a snake in front of a bird and a dog with no front legs

Animal Pictures Worth More Than 1000 Words (20 images)

When words aren't enough...
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His Story Is Always Changing...

batman brokeback mountain gay heath ledger jake gyllenhaal roflrazzi the dark knight the joker - 5164648192
See all captions By Estarfigam

I Could Never Hurt You!!

animals best of the week ferret Hall of Fame ouch weasel - 5816404736
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Do u think we shud drive a STEAK thru his ♥

Cheezburger Image 9144877056
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You Don't Look a Day Over a Thousand...

old birthdays tortoise - 8123590144
See all captions By heyman

Rosetta Seal Has Perfect Enunciation

animals french seal puns - 8407220736
See all captions By sheilaf

My Job is My Life, Guys

animals meerkat mime - 5806391552
See all captions By number_one

That's the Downside to Having Treeplets

crowd puns sayings trees - 5303720960
By Unknown

I Think a Bug Flew In My Mouth!

captions tiger funny - 8507592704
See all captions By RedRobin

"O" Night

Cheezburger Image 9098356736
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imitating kick kung fu monkey regret - 6230625280
See all captions By safrida

Ultimate BAMF

animals Badass BAMF best of the week Hall of Fame mordor Owl walk - 5552429824
See all captions By MrMoDDoM

Onward, Dragon Steed!

funny iguana image Onward, Dragon Steed!
Via namraka

it's complicated

Cheezburger Image 9275557120
See all captions By narykids
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