Animal Comedy

Before & After

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So they pretty much both agree...

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Yeah, don't freak out. I'm just a Malamute screwing with them.

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You'll Never Find Where We Buried It

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wtf facts about hippos

11 Crazy Hippo Facts

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It's Survival of the Chubbiest Out Here

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Do Your Duty, Human

demand tortoise unimpressed - 6465739264
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That Title Belongs to Madonna, Actually

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You're Such a Charmer

oh stop it you sloth - 7074168320
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Peter is Caught Like a Deer in the Headlights

caught people deer What is happening - 8440078080
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No Dibsies!

animals Babies dibs i has a hotdog kids mine paws - 5119448320
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Some Boundaries Cannot Be Uncrossed

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But You Look So Delicious!

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I'm Hopping Mad

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