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She's taking it literally

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22 cat pictures| Thumbnail includes two pictures including 'cat' and 'cat'

Feline Festivities: 22 Merry Cats Purrfectly Rocking Their Christmas Hats

Awwdorable cats bringing all the joy with their festive hats
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23 cat pictures| Thumbnail includes two pictures including 'Lou' and 'cat'

Snow Day Cuteness With 23 Playful Cats Enjoying Winter's Wonderland

Cats Chasing Snowflakes in Style
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Spicy saturday cat memes | thumbnail includes two images one image shows a mosh pit with two cats in the middle ‘If your party isn’t going to be like this don’t invite me’, the other image shows a cat looking smug ‘I don’t always jump on you at 3am’ ‘But when I do jump right on your bladder.’

Spicy Memes Of Cats Who Celebrate Caturday The Clawminal Way

Not all celebrations are fun for everyone
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Catastrophic caturday cat memes | thumbnail includes two images one image shows a cat close up sleeping ‘Guess who taught himself how to open the rice cooker and woke me up by screaming in between mouthfuls of hot rice’, the other image shows a cat looking surprised in front of a microphone ‘DID YOU KNOW YOU CAN ALSO SLEEP AT NIGHT?’

Catastrophic Caturday Cat Memes For The Feline Pawrents Who Just Want To Sleep In

Taking bets for when your cat will wake you up tonight
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25 pictures of cats with a Christmas theme | Thumbnail includes two pictures of cats near Christmas trees

25 Wholesomely Cute Christmas Cats Purrfectly Ready To Take Your Holiday Cheer On A Sleigh Ride Through The Sky

All we want for Christmas is more cute cats
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42 cat memes | Thumbnail includes one meme including 'arkamos-aurelius The only way to live with a cat. 23 "I SEE U ARE DOIN A THING GUESS WHAT IT IS TIME FOR ME TO CATTE"' and one meme including 'cats being weird little guys @weirdlilguys I will withdraw 1 crunchy Sunei Duva (MATIGER TO WIN'

Caturday Night Fever: 42 Hilarious Cat Memes To Cure Your Weekend Hangover (December 9, 2023)

Paws, breathe, meme, repeat
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Babies wholesome hilarious cat adorable heartwarming cute felines cute cats babysitting feline silly Cats funny - 23385861

When Cats Babysit: Heartwarming Instances of Affectionate Felines Caring for Their Little Human Companions

The ideal babysitters
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52 orange cat memes and pics

A Splendidly Silly Series of Orange Cat Memes and Pictures Showcasing the Hilarity of Orange Felines and Their Shared Communal Brain Cell

Orange cat hilarity
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collection of pictures of tiny kittens | thumbnail includes two pictures including a kitten in the palm of someone's hand and a kitten next to four packets of sauce

20 Cutest Kittens Of The Week: The Biggest Criminal Masterminds In The Tiniest, Fluffiest Bodies (December 9, 2023)

The itty bitty kitty committee gathers again
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Caturday cat memes | thumbnail includes two memes including a cat sitting on top of a box on a counter 'He picks the weirdest places to sit. I stood the box upright because I figured he would stay off of it. I was...... Incorrect. Cine Lage Bwak COVAZANDS TACKED' and a cat behind a door behind blinds 'Went to visit a friend. When I rang the door bell, this happened'

Caturday Shenanigans In The Form Of The Best Cat Memes Of The Week For Am Additional Dose Of Hilarity And Chaos (December 9, 2023)

Happy Caturday!
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Staring into the open fridge won’t help, either.

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38 Ferociously Feisty Feline Memes for Sassy Cat Souls Who Pspspsps Their Way to the Weekend

38 Ferociously Feisty Feline Memes for Sassy Cat Souls Who Pspspsps Their Way to the Weekend

A sassy serving of fluffy feline memes
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37 Photos of Furdorable Feline Friends Before and After Getting Adopted by Their Furever Pawrents

This isn't a crazy cat lady house, this is a crazy cat lady home.
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I am a cat

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A Single Whole Night

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