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15 pictures of cats sitting in front of tvs | thumbnail left and right pictures of cats sitting in front of tvs

Cats Catching Up On Their Favorite Shows While Seated Comfortably In Front Of The Television (15 Pictures)

Gotta catch up
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31 wholesome cat snapchats | Thumbnail includes a picture of a grey cat folding its wrists while laying on a white and green bedsheets, thumbnail also includes a picture of an orange cat's two front paws 'Yes he can has cheeseburger Adorable'

30+ Insanely Wholesome Cat Snaps

Thank god for cats, that's all we're saying
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16 pictures of cats with long whiskers | Thumbnail includes a picture of a white fluffy cat with long whiskers yawning and a picture of a fluffy tuxedo kitten with long whiskers and a marking in the form of a white moustache

16 Cute Cats With The Longest Whiskers We've Ever Seen

Antenna vibes
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14 tweets featuring poorly drawn cat doodles | thumbnail left cat with sunflower hat, thumbnail right cat with sunflower drawn on paper "angiest sunflower"

14 Tweets Featuring Cute Cat Doodles By Twitter Connoisseur "Poorly Drawn Cats"

Doodles for days
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14 cat tweets | thumbnail left cat in ultrasound picture, thumbnail right cat with many framed pictures of same cat

This Week's Most Meowrific Cat Tweets Featuring Lots Of Feline Goodness (December 8, 2022)

Purrfect tweets
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girl rescues kitten thrown away in the trash, police find the criminals bring justice for the kitten

'I’m so glad this baby is getting justice': Woman finds kitten double bagged in the trash, police discovers criminal's name in that same garbage and make an arrest

Now, the woman who rescued the kitten and the police who helped book the criminals both say they're more than happy to adopt the sweet baby.
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Merry Christmas: Funniest Furry Felines Who Are Definitely on Santa’s Naughty List

Merry Christmas: Funniest Furry Felines Who Are Definitely on Santa’s Naughty List

Better luck next year, cuties!
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video of cat meowing over farts | thumbnail image of white and orange fluffy cat meowing

Cat Called 'Butters The Bean' Tries To Mask Flatulence With Loud Meows (Video)

He who smelt it dealt it
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Your breath smells like tuna

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Plastic bags

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The purrfect hidey place!

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A Youtube video about the adoption story of a tiny white kitten from Mexico named Elio | Thumbnail includes a picture of a small dirty white kitten walking on the street and a picture of the same cat but grown and clean and healthy

'Cats choose you and when they do you just gotta go with it': Tiny Kitten Wanders Up To A Woman And Adopts Her (Video)

The cat made his decision
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20 cats sleeping in beds | thumbnail right and left cats laying in beds

20 Cats That Call The Shots In The Household Taking Over Their Humans' Beds And Setting Up Camp

Nighty night
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