I Can Has Cheezburger?

Tiny Basket Bed

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video of a wolf cub sleeping on top of its older sister wolf | thumbnail includes a picture of a wolf cub lying on a wolf

Wolf Cub Takes A Nap On His Super Comfy Sister (Video)

We wanna join the cuddle pile please.
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Stay Away!

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Turn A Problem Into An Opportunity

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We All Would

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tumblr thread about a cat who saved a baby from freezing thumbnail includes two pictures including one of a baby and one of a cat in a box 'This baby boy was found with a bag containing baby food and diapers on a cold winter night in Obninsk, Russia. Masha the cat, saved the baby's life by curling around him and shielding him from below freezing temperatures.'

Tumblr Thread: Cat Saves Freezing Baby, Curling Up Around It And Screaming For Help

An unlikely hero <3
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cute videos on tiktok of dogs celebrating Christmas | thumbnail includes photos of three separate dogs celebrating christmas

Cutest Tiktoks Of Dogs Getting Ready For Christmas

Yuletide and good boys!
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a list of cute frog photos that Will Make You Happy | thumbnail includes text saying 'super cute frogs' and two photos of frogs

Cute Frogs: 11 Cute Frogs That Will Make You Happy

These frogs will definitely spark joy!
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cats reacting to snow | thumbnail includes two pictures including a picture of cat footprints in snow going around a chair and a cat sitting on a snowy tree making a ridiculous face 'The circle of nope'

Circle Of Nope: Cats Experiencing Snow For The First Time And Regretting It

Instant regret.
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an amazing story about a stray kitten being adopted after two little girls found it | thumbnail includes a picture of the kitten

Stray Kitten In Azerbaijan Rescued By Two Bikers (Video)

From Azerbaijan to Scotland
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 12 reddit text images surrounding discussion of dog in dog friendly areas, offended woman | thumbnail "As I was walking around a lady approached me and she had her service dog with her. She asked me why do I not have my dog's "service dog" tag on him and I told her its not a service dog. She was smiling and talking in a passive aggressive tone to me and said " then why would you bring a regular pet in here?". I told her "because l'm allowed to?

Man Brings Dog To Pet Friendly Mall, Karen With Service Dog Gets Unreasonably Offended

Kindness is free
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12 images and gifs of cats with advent calendars | thumbnail left black cat with cat nip from advent calendar, thumbnail right tabby cat with cat advent calendar

Festive Felines Enjoying Cat Advent Calendars, Countdown To Christmas

Cat advent calendars, mind blown
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funny pictures of animals | thumbnail includes a picture of a donkey stuck in a dog door 'Vertebrate - Jody Topping Tiny decided to dive for a stray piece of dog kibble .. D 279 Like · Reply · Hide Send Message 2d'

20 Funniest Pet Moments Captured On Camera: ICanHas Edition

Our users' pets are the funniest by far.
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13 animal tweets | thumbnail man holding other man's head tenderly "clay @bitchrespecter ... i hold my cats head like this sometimes 11:32 PM · Dec 3, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone 5,092 Retweets 320 Quote Tweets 66K Likes"

Weekly Treat: Funniest And Overall Best Animal Tweets

Deeliciously adorable
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a list of heartwarming and wholesome memes | thumbnail includes text saying 'Me, my blanket and winter' and 'ME AFTER MY PARTNER GIVES ME FLOWERS HE PICKED FOR ME'

Heartwarming Animal Memes To Start The Week Off Pawfectly (December 6, 2021)

Pawsomely Wholesome
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I'll Think Of Your Often

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