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Star Trek

No, Kitten Spock! Don't Be A Hero!!

cat Cats gifs glass kitten meow paw paws Spock Star Trek - 6263664128
By Unknown


cat Star Trek car gifs WoW excited - 6655658240
By Unknown

Grumpy Sulu is Here to Help

gifs tardar sauce Star Trek Grumpy Cat - 6937737728
By Unknown

Data Tries to Understand Cats

cat Star Trek funny - 7462068736
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Helmsman! Warp 3!

car cat freakout hyper space Star Trek - 6300027648
By Unknown

Spock and Kitteh

cat pet Spock Star Trek - 5680499968
By Unknown

Mutual Attraction

gifs Spock Star Trek Cats - 8561608960
By Philippa2