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I Don't DO 'Matching Outfits'.

costume gifs kid toddler friends Cats - 6812581888
By Unknown

Pat the Bunny (In the Face)

paws interspecies face head friends play rabbit Cats bunny pat - 6984117504
By Unknown

I Ain't Yer Mama, Kid! Beat it!

Cats cute ducks ducklings gif friends - 7907304192
By beernbiccies

Best Snuggle Ever!

cute gif of a cat napping on a dog
Via Animal GIFs

Much Distance

gifs friends shiba inu - 8430912000
Via C0sm4r


bear friends hello wave - 5796086272
By Unknown

Elmo Kisses!

friends KISS love puppet whale - 5840052736
By Unknown

Kangaroo Rubs

Feels Good Man friends kangaroo pet scratch wallaby - 6551894784
By Unknown

Cat and Baby

gifs interspecies baby friends nice Cats - 6565307392
By Unknown

This Kitty Has Puppy Love!

kitten gifs puppies friends love - 8071314688

These two friends won't let any fence get between them!

Via Reddit

"Dammit Carl!"

wtf gifs friends critters frogs - 8558900992
By anselmbe

Sharing a Laugh

gifs kids friends cute laugh - 8074393856
By beernbiccies

Your Ears are Nom-licious!

cute friends gifs rabbits noms - 7887946752
By RoguePisigit

Is This the Spot?

cute friends gifs itch - 7954149120
By Unknown

Wombat Rubbins

gif interspecies friends Wombat - 7114165760
By Unknown
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