This Guy is Putting Kazakhstan on The Map - For the Wrong Reasons

Let's face it, the average person cannot place Kazakhstan on a map, even if you paid them. But apparently the hijinks that Russians are so famous for all over the internet, also extend to the former USSR's territories turned independent nation-states. This guy took being drunk at the zoo to a whole new level. Now I am sure most of us have at least dreamt about riding a wild safari animal. This guy clearly had a little too much liquid courage in him when he pulled this stunt off. The culprit wasn't caught, but police are searching for him with the intent to press charges. Check out all the juicy details from the stunt, find out how special this particular zoo is, and decide if you might have found your next vacation spot. The animals would sure appreciate it, but I would avoid trying to ride them..

Drunk man climbs over fence in order to ride giraffe, and gets bucked off
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