Animal Gifs


He Looks Like A Puppet

Cute GIF of an owl that seriously looks like a puppet.
By Unknown

Parrot Shower

gif birds shower parrot - 7118912512
By Unknown

Be Very Careful Now, If You Want to Keep This Finger

birds gifs critters cute owls - 8446623744
By anselmbe

Harpy Eagle Nest Building

eagles birds gifs critters - 8521763840
By AnimalRescues (Via Youtube)


annoying bird birds bonk gifs head hit ouch Owl owls - 6095937536
By Unknown

The Critter Window

birds critters gifs turtles squirrels - 8304963584
By AnimalRescues (Via The Critter Window)

"We're guessing you don't know how stupid your last comment was."

birds gifs critters owls - 8455731456
By anselmbe

Guillemot Eggs Have Evolved to Not Roll Off Cliffs

birds cool egg gifs spin - 6549388288
Via Head Like An Orange

I Do the Same Thing After a Few Drinks

gifs FAIL birds seagull - 7064594176
By Unknown

Duckie Yawn

birds duck duckling ducklings ducks Fluffy gifs sleepy tired yawn yawning - 6344911104
By Unknown

The Feels... Are So Good...

birds Feels Good Man gifs Owl pet - 6491125760
By Unknown

Baby Harris Hawks Fighting

Babies birds gifs critters - 8234739200
By ani.s4 (Via Youtube)

Working Together for Noms

Via Youtube

Chicken Dance!

chicken birds dance gifs - 6593852928
By Unknown

Active Spectators

birds gifs critters fighting - 8409045248
By anselmbe

Clever Crow Just Wants the Pan

gifs birds smart trick crow - 6958194688
By Unknown
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