I Has A Hotdog


BRB--Goin to taunt teh cat.

cheezburger irish wolfhound stuffed toy - 582289152
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Roll On, Pupper

animals roll toy puppy caption - 8800588032
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Maybe That's Why My Tummy Keeps Vibrating

toy pug maybe caption - 8800781568
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My Preccccc-iiii-ooo-uu-s Squeak Toy!

christmas toy Precious jack russel terrier - 8409798144
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Don't Force Me to Steal Your Underwear

toy socks explanation golden retriever - 8447034112
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toy snow ball noise winter Video - 67932417

Where is That Squeaking Coming From?

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A Dog's Sunken Treasure

ball dive swim tennis ball pool treasure toy water - 7913344000
By Unknown

...Mom? Mom. I need to go out.

toy squirrels outside - 7851490304
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Quite the Dilemma...or is it?

toy help toilet tennis ball - 7847712768
By Unknown


toy cute play - 7733422848
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Don't Just Sit There, Say Something!

toy stuffed funny - 7650052352
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Dont Worry Ol' Friend! Ai Will Save Yoo!

toy funny - 7554808320
By AngelAndz (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

It Never Gets Old, for One of Us

fetch toy funny throw - 7537168640
By Unknown

What Is This Thing!? It's Freaking Me Out, Man

toy corgi funny - 7521744128
Via The Frogman

Dis Is All ur Fault

toy box mess funny - 7516717312
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labrador toy funny Video - 50284033

This Lab Loves Her New Toy

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