I Has A Hotdog


It's the Thought that Counts

tight pug sweater - 8388861440
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Evin mah sweatr haz rollz.

chair clothing Pillow shar pei sweater wrinkles - 1888427264
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but don i looks pretty?

christmas sweater - 1448710400
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Honey, I shrunk the dog!

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Baaad to the Bone

baaad to the bone
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snow sweater Video - 77754113

Dog Meets Snow...and Is Immediately Over It

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The Tongue Offsets it Just Enough

tongue sweater - 8398174720
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No Man Can Truly Tame a Dogiraffe

sweater giraffes - 8377572864
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Still Fits...

sweater - 8262205696
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My Fleas Won't Even Get on it...

poo revenge sweater - 7886584320
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I'll Grow Into It

cute sweater - 7446443008
By Twysted Wyres

Where's MY sweater?

puppy eyes sweater what breed - 6940136192
By Kay

Oh, da storiez I cud tell, bout snow caps n such...

costume sweater sheep what breed knit - 6860078848
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If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all

sweater chihuahua holidays - 6772242688
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I can't let my friends see me dressed like this

grandma sweater chihuahua - 6730927616
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