I Has A Hotdog


Awkward Moment in Cat-Dog Relations

intelligence caption maze mistake funny stupidity - 8557557760
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Why the Heck am I Even Here?!

birthdays funny mistake - 8114746112
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I Forgot My Suit!

water cute swimming pool mistake funny - 7941601024
By Unknown

Caught Up a Cat Tree

cat tree Cats mistake - 7933137920
By Unknown

I iz upside-downz

bulldog captions car glasses mistake upside down dog - 6416079616
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Squeak Toy?

German Shepard mistake puppy squeaky toy - 6280184832
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My Bad, Bro...

apology best of the week funny Hall of Fame husky innuendo mistake oops pain sorry sound - 5946928640
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Black Lab conversation dolphin friends labrador retriever mistake oops sorry talking - 5269049344
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common people

bow tie demanding fancy fashion mistake mix up pit bull pitbull realization steak - 5015787264
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A Little Halp?

car engine mistake pitbull whoops - 4864758528
By Unknown


boxer caught evidence excuse explanation lying mistake mixed breed oops peeing pit bull pitbull plants watering - 4745231360
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accident bathroom border collie human mistake problem - 4722881792
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Slowly, Harold

bacon disaster mistake pug slip - 4641938688
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whut ai sed wuz

another misheard misinterpretation mistake need pig pug said similar sounding - 4632312576
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golden retriever golden retrievers mistake one problem puppies puppy shots too many - 4609197568
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accident again many mistake poodle poodles - 4543556608
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