I Has A Hotdog


Dog Breed: A Long-Eared Receiver

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Glad It Wasn't on the News After All

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The Mountain Comes in a Distant Second

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Something Tells Me He's Gonna Smile

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Sheesh, Don't Pee Your Pants Over it

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He Laughs in the Muzzle of Danger

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Silly Hoomin

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HAHAHAHA! You're Inside!

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Tickle monster

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My hoomin donated

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Didn't know kitteh could hold onto teh ceiling wif hers clawz, totally up- side downs, wif hers tail all floofy, spitting and hissing...

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not gonna laugh

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Oh Grumpy Cat U so hilarious

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Cyoot Puppeh ob teh Day: Laughing with a Puppy

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Lol, that cat

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