I Has A Hotdog


pleez to no bothr

human no pit bull pitbull walk - 4486221312
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Maxwell's Silver Hammer

dachshund funny face human the Beatles - 5447478272
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You haven't been

child human kid pit bull pitbull teeth - 5405773312
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chihuahua float floating human Like a Boss - 5420028160
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No buty shleep can help u

beauty human shih tzu ugly wake up walk - 5436272896
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I iz teh original snuggie

asleep couch cuddle human laying down sleep sleeping snuggle tired whatbreed - 5436314624
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Goggie ob teh Week: We Don't Believe in Mondays

asleep bed cane corso goggie ob teh week human monday sleeping tired - 5435221248
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Goggie Gif: Welcome Home, Dad!

army dad golden retriever human i love you i missed you love military welcome home - 5332449024
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Okay, kid

baby child doing it right guide help human kid teacher toddler whatbreed - 4115973888
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oh man!

bad breath breath happy dog human pug silly dog smiles - 5144307200
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Those that

best friends friends human nap nap time pug sleeping - 5139801344
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Give us yer wallet!

bad dog human outside playing pug - 4928178944
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Eight hours waitin

coming dalmatian do want home hours human love waiting whatbreed worth it - 4886039296
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Wy shud I fech it? It's rite heer.

away best of the week confused corgi Hall of Fame human jerk puppy take throw toy yard - 4872906240
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U shud nawt be laffin...

better border collie branch comparison dont fetch huge human laugh laughing stick throw - 4863392256
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This is why

annoyed best of the week care dont golden retriever Hall of Fame human little lollipop reason stuck this unpleasant why - 4847539712
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