I Has A Hotdog


In your face! Literally these jokes and puns are right up there so don't blink you might get smacked in the face by one.

Look at this face

meme of a black labrador dog that deserves a slice of bacon
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Step 1.)

Funny meme of a dog giving advice how to get away with making trouble and it is not bad advice overall.
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Doesn't Everybody Feel The Same Way?

face FRIDAY caption monday - 8993153024
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It Worked, I Got Adopted!

adopt face forever gold please love good caption - 8748392704
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face expression tail wag - 77741313

Facial Expressions and Tail Expressions

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The Adorable Face Of A Cold-Blooded Killer

funny dog image puppy grins after eating lizard
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Have You Tried Belly Rubs?

animals face cute serious - 8495593472
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You'll Just Have To Go Back To Giving Puppy Dog Eyes

bulldog cat Cats cute face FAIL only rule works - 4829782272
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face chihuahua trick - 69143041

Scary Face Dog is Will Terrify and Amaze You

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yikes face mondays funny - 7455097088
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I Has a Froze on My Nose

face pun snow nose winter golden retriever - 6971687168
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It's MINE!

bite cookies face throat whippet - 6420541184
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Skuz me sir dats my face

beagle bite cat face friends friendship ouch - 5306703104
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Goggie ob teh Week: Such a Sweet Face!

adorbz awww close up face pit bull pitbull sweet - 5270827776
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all ur

close up face in your face mine nose personal space whatbreed - 5031601152
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Yu Want

ambulance boxer emergency face help hurt in your face - 5019998976
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