I Has A Hotdog


Don't Force Me to Steal Your Underwear

toy socks explanation golden retriever - 8447034112
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Ahhh... Happy New Years...

caught crime excuse explanation Hall of Fame new years pomeranian trouble - 4304231424
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I can explain...

explain explanation puppy spaniel standing trouble uh oh wait - 6266180608
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I still

Babies border collie cat Cats explanation kitten problem worried - 4884582144
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So lemme git dis strayt

bath confused corgi do not want explanation funny indignant puppy question reason smell upset - 4882074112
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dis not whut it lukz liek

babysitting excuse explanation liar lie lying money pug summer - 4870605568
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Fubzy ting?

excuse explanation fuzzy killed mess pug pugs thing - 4795610368
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boxer caught evidence excuse explanation lying mistake mixed breed oops peeing pit bull pitbull plants watering - 4745231360
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intruder alert.. intruder alert..

alarm cat corgi difficult explanation FAIL reason sneaking system why - 4707501312
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Well den U dint luk ebryware.

buried confused explanation location question remote television TV whatbreed yard - 4678939904
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Me, I'm dishonest,

advice costume dressed up explanation Pirate trust whatbreed - 4655518208
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silber lining:

excuse explanation human mess poodle positive proof toilet paper - 4651344640
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The cozy monster

blankets cozy cuddling explanation monster puppy resting victim whatbreed - 4647521024
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Nom, nom,

explanation labrador meditating nom - 4645141248
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begging cute explanation fence just saying prison reason stuck too trapped whatbreed - 4632139008
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cat do not want excited explanation getting listening sarcasm unhappy weimaraner - 4629631232
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