I Has A Hotdog


It's time to get some exercise. Stretch those legs, get yourself going today, don't let yourself become one with the couch. Enjoy some of these hilarious high-tempo puns and jokes that will have you gasping for breath.

Exercise would be much more rewarding if calories screamed when you burned them.

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You Exercise Your Way, I'll Exercise Mine

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These Pups Love To do Yoga With Their Human

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Checkmate, Let's Get a Hotdog

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Welcome to Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday...

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383... 384...

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My Body Doesn't Have Anything to Say Right Now

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I Need to Cut Back on the Garbage

chubby exercise rolls puns - 8017540864
By Unknown

Lift Those Legs!

photobomb pee exercise funny - 7607751680
By markgrant (Via Chris Rubin)


puppies husky exercise huskie running - 6731635456
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me no

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training your hooman...

exercise fitness mixed breed personal trainer whatbreed - 5740565504
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dachshund exercise power puppy - 5344605184
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New Yoga Stance

exercise fitness husky laying down yoga - 5295861504
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as it turns out

cat Cats exercise fitness friends friendship laying down lazy personal trainer - 5293481984
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