I Has A Hotdog


Baths are for Chumps

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Time for Treats and Belly Scratches

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Looks Like He Had Fun Over the Weekend Though

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The Only Loser is the Backseat of Your Car

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Your Version of Clean is Ridiculous, Human!

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I Admit it...I Need a Bath

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Next Time Roll in a Bed of Flowers

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Well You Shouldn't Have put all That Awesome Dirt in it!

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Worth It!

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By Unknown

Doggie Gets Down and Dirty

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At Least he Uses a Napkin...Sorta

food dirty carpet manners polite - 7910227712
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One of Us Got a Bum Deal...

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That's Worth Something, Right?

ball mud dirty funny - 7709619200
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Hug Time?

dirty funny hug - 7577072640
By thelump

I am a Master of Deception!

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