cute dogs corgis Over 50 Corgis Invaded the Beach in Toronto
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Cherry Beach Dog Park in Toronto may never be the same after the mayhem that ensued at this event organized by the Greater Toronto Area corgi owners group. 

Via @otimusprime

Sure things look civilized at first glance but just watch the insanity in action. 

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Deplorable. Any attempts to get the situation under control were thwarted by the sheer enormity of the corgi's cuteness.


The Royal Corgi Breed is in Danger of Disappearing

Queen Elizabeth's favorite stubby legged dog breed has been placed on the British Kennel Club's list of vulnerable dog breeds.

This happens when less than 300 puppies of any breed are registered in a given year.

The kennel estimates that there are around 5,000 corgis left in the UK, but breeders are not breeding that many new pups as they're worried about finding them homes.

In honor of the Queen's breed, here are 10 Corgis that prove the world needs them forever.

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