I Has A Hotdog


Evin mah sweatr haz rollz.

chair clothing Pillow shar pei sweater wrinkles - 1888427264
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chihuahua clothes clothing gift grandma knit present sweater - 5189987584
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A Woof in Sheep's Clothing

animals woof clothing caption wolf - 8586676480
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Haow YU doin?

clothing flirting whatbreed - 3174996480
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This Stylish Dog is Here to Make Sure You Look Good

Via Menswear Dog

Tonight, too many coloured drinks

alcohol best of the week caption clothes clothing drinking drunk facebook lei Party party time pug pugs - 5910461696
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caption clothes clothing drugs goggies hoodie pug pugs - 5748308224
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Yard Watch

chihuahua clothes clothing grass outdoors sweater - 5872557568
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Black Lab clothing labrador retriever Party party time sunglasses tongue tongue out - 5837990144
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Teh spandex an sequins are coming to eat meh

clothes clothing ew husky puppy shocked - 5713905920
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i would lol

chihuahua clothes clothing lol not funny sweater - 5535455744
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Goggie Gif: SRSLY

animated gif best of the week clothes clothing gifs Hall of Fame hoodie pug serious seriously srsly - 5558471680
By Unknown

They said I'd look so cute in a sweater

chihuahua clothes clothing sweater - 5537891840
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I'm a dog now.

bow tie bowtie clothing costume doctor who sci fi smile smiling whatbreed - 5471748608
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Goggie ob teh Week: Lookin' Good, Feelin' Fine!

awesome clothes clothing french bulldogs goggie ob teh week smile smiles smiling T.Shirt - 5464566016
Via a cat by the tail

Aren't we all?

clothes clothing good looking handsome pug sexy - 5444152832
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