I Has A Hotdog


Dogs Caught in the Act

caught bad jerks mess - 8803552256
Via goldlyon
caught trap Video - 77366273

It's A Trap!

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I Shall Claim My Prize

animals caught tire prize - 8464937728
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I Was Think'n Wif Mai Mouth,Nawt Mai Brain

waffle caught noms thief - 8456393472
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The Dot is Delicious

caught red dot Cats - 8429910528
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Can't Even Blame it on the Cat

caught raccoon garbage - 8420432384
By beernbiccies

Ahhh... Happy New Years...

caught crime excuse explanation Hall of Fame new years pomeranian trouble - 4304231424
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The Forbidden Fruit is Always the Sweetest

caught gross litter box - 7934919168
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caught hose labrador water wet - 4942290432
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You gotz some 'splainin to do laydee...

bacon caught confused excuse lie miniature pinscher puppy realization smell - 4753716992
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I fink it goez wifowt sayin

Awkward caught costume dress dressed up home human lolwut not pug saying SOON without - 4745660160
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boxer caught evidence excuse explanation lying mistake mixed breed oops peeing pit bull pitbull plants watering - 4745231360
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caught crime evidence FAIL puppy whatbreed - 4724996096
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accident catching caught dock fish fishing german shepherd labrador Video - 16822273


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catch caught confused floor Hall of Fame labrador now what puppy success - 4538400256
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caught checking crime go going havanese indignant question seeing shoes slippers the wizard of oz toto upset wizard - 4398781952
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