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Hi Cutie!

cute cat meme of a one-eyed cat that looks like he is flirting and winking to the cutie reading this
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Rey and Leia can't hold paws, but they can cross tails

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Sooo...we going running today ?

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"I can't believe you've done this" - my cat after her bath

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Morning Sarah morning Ralph.

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This is Mighty Atom Destroyer of Worlds... while I was taking a break from packing away the Christmas decs, so did she. I guess were keeping the tinsle out for a while longer!

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Tinsle queen made herself a sparkly nest


Describe your ideal work environment person working on two computer screens with a cat tucked in with a blanket near the keyboard
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Every time I try to read

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Get That Salad Away From Me

get that salad away from me
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web comics about taking the cat to the veterinarian

When You Take Your Uncooperative Cat To The Vet...

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Startled Steve Cat

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Under the Saber Arch of Catnip!

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Fashion purrtrol stops a faux paw

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This Dude's Girlfriend Made Their Cat An Ewok Costume, and He's Not Amused

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