Cats N' Kittens

Kitten Snuggles Are the Purest Form of Happiness There Is

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Cat Wants Her Treat Now

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Puddle is the most precious ball of floof

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Cozy Dozy

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18 Cat Memes To Fill Your Caturday With Joy

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funny cat meme from i can has Cheezburger facebook caption contest

15 Hilarious Captions From The ICanHasCheezburger Facebook Challenge

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This Dude's Girlfriend Made Their Cat An Ewok Costume, and He's Not Amused

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Meggie wants a belly rub

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Funny GIFs of animals and falling - no animals were hurt in any of these GIFs

13 Gifs Of Animal Fails That Are As Funny As They Are Adorable

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Worn out from 5 minutes of laser chasing

Cat is all passed out on the carpet with arms in surrender position from chasing the laser a few minutes.
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Half-Feral Cats Are Not Shy Anymore

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Say Cheeze(Burger)

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Thinking about world domination. Or food.

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