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video of 20 facts about norwegian forest cats | thumbnail two side by side images of norwegian forest cats

20 Interesting Norwegian Forest Cat Facts (Video)

Did you know that Norwegien Forest Cats were considered cats of the Vikings?
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Too Much Going On

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Choo Choo

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Kitty Been Waiting For This

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A Youtube video about a kitten that was stuck in a car tire and then rescued, fostered, and adopted | Thumbnail includes a kitten stuck in a car tire

Woman Rescues A Tiny Kitten That Was Stuck Inside A Tire And Finds Her A Forever Home (Video)

A true superhero
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11 reddit images big cat, op advice | thumbnail image of OP holding long cat in front of him full length, text "Picked up this guy as a kitten and he never stopped growing, he just turned 1! I'm 6 foot 2 for reference. Any chance he's got Maine coon or savannah in him? He's 15 lbs! 6 2"

Cat Owner Turns To Reddit For Insight When His Long Boi Rescue Grows

Big boi is long
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3 TikTok videos of a Tabby cat playing with a toy piano, pressing its keys and inspecting it | Thumbnail includes two screenshots of a Tabby cat playing with a toy piano

Weekly Boost Of Serotonin: Curious Cat Millie The Tabby Tries To Understand The Concept Of Toy Piano

Some Tabby goodness
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21 photos and stories of senior cats | Thumbnail includes a photo of three kittens and a photo of a woman holding three senior cats 'how it started vs. how it's going...16 years later'

Paying Respects To Our Senior Citizens With A Series Of 21 Senior Cat Stories And Photos

A token of appreciation for the senior cat community
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23 photos of cats stretching out their feet | Thumbnail includes a photo of a black cat stretching out its front paws and a close up photo of a black and white kitten stretching out its paws 'Straightened Feetsies'

23 Fierce Felines Show Case Their Straightened Feetsies

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imgur thread about rescuing a mentally abused cat and introducing it to another cat | thumbnail includes two pictures including a closeup of a cat and two cats sitting next to one another 'Having been bullied by another male cat in her previous home, she felt uneasy near him. She seemed like she anticipated an attack every time she saw him. We kept them completely seperated for about 2 weeks and tried to introduce each scent to the other... It didn't really work Starkimarm'

Gently Introducing A Nervous Kitty Who Was Neglected And Scared In Her Previous Home To A New Cat (Thread)

Patience, patience, and more patience.
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collection of funny cat memes | thumbnail includes two memes including two cats looking at a cat in a cone 'Cat - Rocco had surgery today and his siblings offered no support, just judgement. A' and a cat lounging on a chair with a sign on it 'Plant - I may risk it all and pet Hermes N A EASE DO NOT TOUCH AM A WILD CAT ANGEROUS I AM A "SIBERIAN" CAT. MY NAME IS "HERMES". I AM & YEARS OLD. PLEASE CALL ME SIR. THANK YOU.'

Bringing On The Giggles With Some Hissterical Cat Meme Jiggles For Shizzles

A dose of kitty cat meme goodness.
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Happy Indeed

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video of a dog and a leopard reacting to seeing a rat for the first time | thumbnail includes a picture of a leopard and a dog sniffing a rat that's sitting on someone's hand

Rescued Black Leopard And Rottweiler React With Bewilderment To Seeing A Living Rat For First Time (Video)

Confusion and mild disgust ensues.
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Math Wizard

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You Got All That?

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