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Family Finds Tiny Kitten Stuck Inside Auxiliary Vent After Hearing Meows from Inside the Walls, Rescue Him and Name Him ‘Murphy’

Family Finds Tiny Kitten Stuck Inside Auxiliary Vent After Hearing Meows from Inside the Walls, Rescue Him and Name Him ‘Murphy’

They hadn't realized it, but the kitten had been stuck in there for a few days. Luckily, he got stuck with a lovingly family to rescue him!
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'Why is it vibrating': Wholesome golden retriever welcomes a stray foster kitten into her home (VIDEO)

Everyone keeps asking what she's going to name her new kimten, and she's a little confused by this because its name is clearly kimten
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List of funny and cute cat pictures | thumbnail includes two cat pictures, including one of cat sitting weird with its two front paws hanging off the table with text 'Cat - Posted by u/hit_the_button 2 days ago This is Frank. Frank enjoys staring at me like this and telepathically demanding treats. i.imgur.com/u9b7HN...' and including close up of cat with derp face with text 'Cat - Posted by u/Head_Bath_5695 5 days ago Derpy blep'

Cats Not Catting - 15 Feline Cuties That Forgot To Update Their Cat.exe Patch

Don't forgot to update your cat today
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List of funny and cute cat memes | thumbnail includes two cat memes, including a POV of a cat from the bottom with the cat reaching out their paw towards camera with text 'Cat - What my french fries see when im driving home' and including one of group of cats coming towards the camera with text 'Cat - POV: you pspspsps'd the wrong gang'

Celebratory Mid-Week Pawsome Cat Memes To Show Your Grumpy Boss (17 Memes)

Celebratory mid-week cat memes
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21 pictures of cats showing their tummy | thumbnail includes two pictures including a black and white kitten on its back and a ginger kitten exposing his belly

The Purr-fect Trap: 21 Feline Fuzzballs Tempting You With Their Tummies

Well, Scratch My Fancy!
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List of funny and cute cat images | thumbnail includes two images including a kitten on its side and a kitten on its back.

Fabulous Feline Bean Bonanza: 17 Pawdorable Pics Of Purfect Little Fur Baby Beans

Bean voyage.
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List of funny and cute cat images | thumbnail includes two images including a cat lounging on a chair and a cat surrounded by cones.

Luxuriously Lounging Cats: 16 Pics Of Awdorable Kitties Living Life Languidly

ABC: Always Bring (Cat)Chairs.
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26 pictures of cats | Thumbnail includes two pictures including 'Nose', 'Road surface', and 'Comfort - " W'

26 Funniest Cat-Related Pics That Are So Funny They Deserve A Round Of Ap-paws

The purrfect amount of silliness mixed with diabolical drama
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13 cat tweets cats with confusing auras

Fantastic Feline Tweets Featuring Cats With Confusing Auras For The Soul

Feline goodness
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31 reddit images cats sleeping on their backs

Cat Loving Redditors Gather To Show Off Heartwarmingly Silly Pictures Of Their Felines Sleeping On Their Backs (30 Purrfect Pictures)

Wholesome goodness
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viral twitter thread about pregnant cats asking humans for help and shelter | thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - Maladroithe @Maladroithe One thing I've learned in animal rescue: if a stray cat starts clinging to you like a life raft, trying to break into your home, being incredibly affectionate and talkative, there's a pretty decent chance that cat is pregnant and is looking for a safe place to have her babies 11:39 PM . May 23, 2023 9.5M Views 10.4K Retweets 1,027 Quotes 155.8K'

Heartwarming Stories Of Pregnant Cats Choosing Their Humans Right When They're Needed The Most (Viral Twitter Thread)

They've been chosen
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a collection of posts about cats | thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat sleeping on someone's face 'This is dorito. Dorito doesn't understand what personal space is. I woke up like this this morning. u/who_nobody' and a cat stuck in a jacket sleeve 'Left this idiot home alone for five minutes u/grimytimes'

Cat Medley: The Cutest, Funniest And Most Catalicious Posts Of The Week

The best kitty cats
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collection of Caturday themed cat memes | thumbnail includes two memes including a surprised cat and child looking up at ceiling 'Couch - I slingshotted my son's sticky bug to the ceiling and as you can tell, they're both fascinated and excited for it to fall back down. MAR' and four cats sitting in front of a person that's on the toilet 'Cat - They protect you in your most vulnerable moment.'

Halfway To Caturday: Purrfectly Funny Cat Memes And Tweets (May 31, 2023)

Caturday can't come soon enough
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Trying very hard

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