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12 twitter images | thumbnail image of bird on train, and tweet "There is quite literally a bird on my train and everyone is being brilliantly British and not commenting on it, as if this is completely normal."

Twitter Thread: British Birds Take A Quaint Ride On Public Transportation

British birds on the train, surprisingly humorous
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list of this week's funniest cat tweets | thumbnail is a tweet saying 'So that's what the holes in pizza holes are for'

This Week's Most Supurrb Cat Tweets

Hissterical Tweets
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posts of animals newly adopted this week | thumbnail includes a picture of a smiling cat 'Posting for my sister this is her new kitten Finn looking like u/Thicc_flair_drip'

Meet The Newly Adopted Faces Of The Week (20 Images)

Adopt, don't shop.
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Via LOL Cats
Video of a Dog Smiling While Using VR to Look at Birds Is Going Viral On TikTok

Video of Dog Smiling While Using VR to Look at Birds Is Going Viral On TikTok

*wholesome in VR*
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a video about a man training his highland cows | thumbnail includes the man with his cows

How To Train Your Highland Coos (Video)

How To Train Your Cow
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Just For A Day

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Via Animal Comedy

No Big Deal

Cheezburger Image 9661413376
Via LOL Cats

Draw Me

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Via Animal Comedy
21 animal memes and tweets | thumbnail left  titanic meme, cat meme "When I watch romantic movies but I no longer believe in love... PUSH HER!" text left dog right "Dog - Friend: you sure you want another drink, you look pretty lit Ме:"

A Hefty Heap Of Humorous Animal Memes

Animal humor goodness
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17 animal related tweets | thumbnail blue background with tweet text " One time I was talking to a guy I just met and told him how my dog is anxious around other dogs and he was like "I've only known you a few minutes but l'm almost positive it's you that's anxious and your dog is picking up on that" and he wasn't wrong but he was being a bitch "

17 Funniest And Overall Best Animal Tweets We Found Today

Laughs are imminent
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a compilation of cats mimicking their humans behavior in adorable ways | thumbnail includes two photos of cats copying their humans

Too Cute Cats Acting Just Like Their Humans

Does your pet mirror you?
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a story about a woman who wants her boyfriend to get over his pet cat dying | thumbnail includes text saying '

Woman Thinks Her Boyfriend Needs To Get Over His Cat Being Put Down: Reddit Thread

Pets Are Important Too
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sea ruthf KISS aquatic ocean cute shark week sharks shark animals - 16311301

Shark Week But Cute: Sharks That Will Make You Say 'Awww' Instead of 'Aaahhhh'

Kiss a Shark Week!
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a video of a homeless cat getting surprised with a new house | thumbnail includes a photo of the cat enjoying it's new house

Homeless Cat Surprised With Brand New Home (Video)

What a sweet gift!
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12 reddit text images | thumbnail background blue small dog bottom right corner text "She didn't have a "big" personality. Her skin was hanging off her very boney frame and her skin was bad. She's missing bits of her ears and was covered in scabs from fights. She was scared and sat in the back of the kennel nervously shaking. I brought her home for that reason. So many people rescue dogs under the premise of what the dog can do for them, but it should also be about what you can do for the dog."

Wholesome Tails Of Rescue Doggos Enjoying A Second Chance At Life

It ain't easy, but it is rewarding
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