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Alison Fitzgerald Kodjak @alikodjak CLU This is my dog protesting leaving the dog park today"11 twitter thread images thread of dogs protesting | thumbnail background dog laying down in protest on street "

Twitter Thread: Dogs Who Have Had Enough Lying Down In Protest

They've had more than enough
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a funny reddit thread about a neighborhood drama over a pig | thumbnail includes text saying 'Hey, did I just see you outside walking a PIG?? Yes, she's our pet. :) You can't seriously think it's a good idea to have a smelly disgusting pig in our building, can you? Given some of the men we've seen you bring home at 2am, I'm not sure l get your point.'

Pet Pig Sparks Neighborhood Feud: Reddit Debates Pigs As Pets

Whose side are you on?
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a funny roundup of penguin memes for national penguin day | thumbnail includes two memes with text saying 'take these with you, it'll be important in your quest'

Perfect Penguin Memes To Celebrate National Penguin Day

Penguin Peeps- This is for you!
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an awwdorable story about pj the adopted pigeon | thumbnail includes a photo of two baby pigeons, PJ and her brother

Abandoned Pigeon PJ Gets Fresh Start With Hooman (Video)

Who knew pigeons could be so loving?
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5 dog videos | thumbnail left "the disappointment when dad stops petting" man laying on couch petting large dog, thumbnail right same large dog close up face nervous

Insta Doggos: Funniest, Cutest, Most Rufferific Dog Videos Of The Week

Doggo goodness
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a wholesome series of before and after photos of adopted animals | thumbnail includes two photos of a dog before and after adoption with text 'before after!'

Before And After Adoption: Spectacular Pet Glowups

Take a look at the power of love!
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Swan Song

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Via Animal Comedy
Two stray dogs are best friends, one is pregnant and got hit by a car, Tiktok goes viral of woman saving the pup couple.

3 Part TikTok Goes Viral of Woman Rescuing a Pregnant Stray Hit by a Car and Her Loyal Friend Who Won't Leave Her Side

The two dogs are now off the streets, but not out of the woods—rescuing isn't easy.
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video of a huge dog being gentle with a human baby | thumbnail includes picture of a husky lying next to a baby

Husky Sweetly And Gently Helps Relax A Crying Baby (Video)

A gentle giant <3
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Tough Choice

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Via Animal Comedy

Silly Chipmunk

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Via Animal Comedy

Yes you cans!

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tumblr thread about a story of a women choosing to marry the one who can catch her cat thumbnail includes one tumblr post 'Font - keuhkopussirotta Follow Story idea: The most wanted woman in town has announced that she'll only marry the one who can open her front door with the key around her cat's neck. Many men try to hunt the cat down, chase and trap it, but to no avail, the cat is simply too quick, smart and clever, and always finds a way to evade and avoid them.'

Tumblr Thread: Prompt About A Woman And The Cat With A Key Around Its Neck

Full of unexpected plot twists.
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22 cat memes | thumbnail left cat meme "me sleeping peacefully at 3am" images of cats making loud noises, thumbnail right "paw readings, black cats welcome  captcreate Bring me the FEETIES swampseer Lemme read them beans

An Overflowing Glass Full Of Cat Memes To Quench Thirst

Feline funnies
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12 reddit text images dog custody battle | thumbnail blue background dog bottom right corner text "Dog custody in break up [Help] My live in boyfriend and I are breaking up, and moving out of our shared apartment. Our dog adores both of us, and we each adore our dog. Our dog likes routine and does not like moving between different locations."

Couple Seeks Advice On Dog Custody Debacle After Recent Break Up: Reddit Thread

Custody battle doggo edition
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15 facebook comments heartwarming moments pet owners felt bonds get stronger | thumbnail blue background text " I got extremely light headed and had to lay on the floor where it's 5-10 degrees cooler. Our youngest cat, tried biting my hair to drag me to the kids who were all sleeping. Once I petted him and let him know I was "OK" he just laid there right next to me until my dizzy spell went away enough for me to get up."

Pet Owners Describe Heartwarming Moments When Their Bonds Grew Stronger: ICanHas Users Edition

Wholesome goodness
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