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Original I Can Has Cheezburger story about a rescued kitten receiving life-saving surgery | thumbnail includes two pictures of the orange tabby kitten recused and post-surgery

Rescued Kitten Found In Box Undergoes Major Surgery To Correct Birth Defect And Expand Her Chest

Can found in box with serious birth defect rescued and has chest plate surgically installed to help her heart and lungs grow.
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video of kitten saving family | thumbnail left image of thor kitten, thumbnail right thor's human woman

Amazing Hero Kitten Named Thor Saves Family’s Lives (Video)

Thank goodness for little Thor
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Getting Ready For Halloween

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Oh great

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A Youtube video of three cats learning that if they ring the bell they get a treat | Thumbnail includes a picture of three cats sitting at a table with two red bells and three plates. One cat is eating from the plate, the second is staring up at the camera, and the third has its paw on the bell

Cats Play A Game Of Ring The Bell And Get The Treat (Video)

Those are some smart cookies
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10 tweets of cats working with jobs | thumbnail left cat photographer with camera, thumbnail right cat at downing street bbc news "new prime minister"

Fabulous Feline Tweets Featuring Breadwinning Cats Working Hard As Heck To Purrvide For Their Furever Families

Workin hard for the tuna
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Something's Cooking

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You're Welcome

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Demanding Answers

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In & Out

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20 images of cats standing up | thumbnail three panels cats standing up

Large And In Charge: 20 Cats Stand Up Tall On Their Two Back Paws Like They Own The Place

Purrty darn cute if you ask us
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15 screenshots from a Twitter thread where people posted photos of their cats pressing their noses up to their phone cameras | Thumbnail includes a picture of an orange cat with a pink nose pressing its face to the camera and a picture from a lower angle of a tabby cat with a dark pink nose

Up Close And Purrsonal: A Thread For People Who Love Seeing Cats Press Their Noses Up To The Camera

A little boost of wholesomeness
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15 memes relating to cat parenting and owning a cat | Thumbnail includes a picture of an orange cat hanging out from a window and a picture of a cat's paws and a picture of human hands with scratches on them 'I said: DON'T FORGET THE CATNIP! Her paws look like this so my hands can look like this'

Funny Cat Memes For People Who Treat Cat Parenting As A Full Time Job (15 Memes)

Occupation: cat parent
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