Friskies Challenge: Ben Huh vs. Cat

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Friskies' latest iPad app "You vs. Cat" pits our favorite feline friends against humans in a digital treat-grabbing competition.

And who better to test-drive the application than Cheezburger CEO Ben Huh? Unfortunately for us humans, Ben's reflexes aren't exactly cat-like, and this treat-hungry tabby had no trouble taking him down. Cats - 1, Humanity - 0.

Meme Madness: LOLcats vs. '60s Spider-Man

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After triumphing over Yo Dawg, LOLcats are back again to do battle against '60s Spider-Man in today's Meme Madness competition!

Vote for LOLcats here!

Vote for '60s Spider-Man here!

Meme Madness: Lolcats vs. Yo Dawg

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Today's Meme Madness battle pits internet ultra-classics Lolcats and self-referential snoozer Yo Dawg against each other. Which one is your favorite (it's obviously Lolcats!)? Vote!

Vote for Lolcats here!

Vote for Yo Dawg here!

This weekend on pay-purr-view:

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This weekend on pay-purr-view: lolcat vs. orly owlClick "Select" on your remote or throw a cornish hen at your TV to subscribe

itz teh battlol ob teh decayd!

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