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Looking for a fun and easy way to spoil your pooch? Why not try making this braided dog toy.  


3 dish towels
Dog treats


Choose your 3 dish towels (you can use new or used towels for this craft).
Cut a 1 inch strip off the short end of 2 of your towels. Set the strips aside for later.
Tie the 3 towels up at one end using one of the strips you cut.
Twist each towel and braid the 3 towels together.
At the end of the braid use your remaining strip of towel to tie off the braid.
You can keep your toy as-is, OR you can stuff some dog treats into the folds of the braid. Your pooch will love trying to find those tasty treats!


You Won’t Want To Miss This Food Truck For Dogs When It Rolls Through Your State

Buckled up and headed your way. 

Everyone loves a food truck, and now your dog can, too. The Good Stuff Pet Truck, a food truck for dogs, will be traveling the country this spring and summer with coupons, fun pet swag, and of course, treats for your pup.

The Good Stuff story began with one, custom-designed, decked out-doggy truck. Last year, it connected with pet parents from Anaheim to Albany. It was so much fun, they decided to do the whole thing again.

Find the good stuff near you

Food truck for dogs
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