Who Wouldn't Want More Cute Kitty Toes to Love?

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Meet Ryan, a six-toed cat who currently resides at the Helen O. Krause Animal Foundation in Dillsburg, PA.

Six-toed cats, also known by the fancier name Polydactyl Cats, were made famous by the author Ernest Hemingway. He was so charmed by his feline friends that his former home in Key West is now a museum where tourists can stop and see the so-called Hemingway Cats.

Do you know someone in Pennsylvania who could welcome Ryan into their home? Click Ryan's picture to sign up for DoSomething.org's Pics for Pets and share Ryan and other adoptable pets. You can save an animal's life just by hitting "share!"


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Sarah says: "She's really smiling at the delicious fingers holding the camera."

Sometimes you have to make your fingers smell like yummy noms if you ever want to get your pet lizard to smile for a picture - everyone knows that!

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