dogs cute This Woman Quit Her Day Job to Knit Dog Sweaters for a Good Cause
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Jan Brown has knitted over 300 sweaters for homeless greyhounds. What started out as an effort to raise awareness and money for greyhound rescues has become a full time job for the UK woman. According to Yahoo.com, the profits from the sweaters she knits for her business, Knittedwithlove go toward supplies and shipping to benefit dog rescues. 

She can make sweaters for just about any size. 

And hats too! Although they don't seem quite as excited about those. 

Fashion of The Day: These Chickens Get Custom Knitted Sweaters For Winter
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A woman in the UK doesn't give cluck what you think about her obsession with knitting sweaters for her chickens.

She's just happy to help them stay warm this winter.

Nicola Congdon and her mother Ann have been rehoming Battery hens for years now. Battery hens, which spend most of their lives in cages to lay eggs, have trouble acclimating to cold weather once rescued.

So these two animal lovers just knit them tiny, adorable sweaters.

They don't charge anyone who might need a chicken sweater, but they ask that a donation be made to a children's charity in Africa.

Some people as far as Canada have inquired about the sweaters.

Lookin' good, chickens. Lookin' good.