Cat Burglar of the Day: This Cat is in a Bank, Presumably, to Burgle It

The term “cat burglar” has to come from somewhere, right? Merriam-Webster defines it as “a burglar who is adept at entering and leaving the burglarized place without attracting notice.” Sounds like a real sneaky kitty. 

But that doesn’t necessarily correspond to this actual cat burglar, who was spotted just chilling in the lobby of a bank last night, presumably, in the middle of a burglary.

Now, I know this doesn’t look like your traditional cat burglar, missing are the black and white stripped shirt, black mask, and, of course, giant sack with a dollar sign on it. However, in its stead is — and follow me here — a cat.

That’s right this is a literal cat in a bank. We don’t know how the cat got in there, but we can definitely assume that he or she is there to burgle that bank.

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