A New Forever Home: The Best Christmas Gift of All

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Our friends at The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee have a story we think is worth sharing. You should read the entire thing, but here is a brief overview of the heartwarming events:

Graham, the adorable kitty featured to the left, was in need of a new forever home. Laurie of The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee brought Graham to the home of a friend and neighbor who'd expressed some interest in adopting a cat but needed to be sure that Graham would get along with Melvin, their other cat. Upon arriving in the home, Graham and Melvin became the best of buds, and Laurie hatched a surprise plan...

The next night, Laurie wrapped Graham's carrier up and brought him back to her friends' house. There, she presented the family with the gift of Graham. This was a complete surprise to the children who, as you can see, were ecstatic.

Sweetest Christmas miracle ever!!!

Kids Get New Kitty after Receiving More Than 100,000 Facebook "Likes"

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Seven-year-old Remi Urbano wanted a pet kitty for a long time. At first, his father told him no. Then he said no again. And again. Then, eventually, he said that Remi could have a cat if the photo featured to the left received 1,000 Facebook "likes." More than 100,000 "likes" later, Remi's wish was granted in the form of a cat to call his own.

November 5th @ 6PM
Posted by Dan's wife with the headline "Dan thinks there is NO way we can do this. I say there is. Help us out. We really want a cat named Hairy Pawturrr. If you can't like, share. Shares count too! Thanks so much everyone!!"

Hairy Pawturr … HAIRY PAWTURR! If those little kiddies weren't enough, how can you pass up on having a small kitten in this world named Hairy Pawturr!! (not to mention the HA HA to the face of the man who belittles social media). Of course, I did my part to 'like' and 'share'. I didn't think much about it until 10PM that night when I checked the photo again. It was just under 900 shares and 400 likes. I snickered and anticipated the look on Dan's face in the morning.

November 6th @ 9:30AM
The post had gone viral and it exploded to over 20,000 shares and likes—not to mention a following on the Ellen DeGeneres Facebook page. It was total insanity, but also total hilarity to hear Dan say, "Maybe I under shot it".

As if this story were not cute enough, Remi has named his new kitty Hairyette Pawturr. OMG!!!!!!!!

"We Will Never Be Apart": The Story of Misao and Fukumaru

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Thirteen years ago, photographer Miyoko Ihara began photographing the relationship between her now 88-year-old grandmother, Misao, and her adorable kitty friend, Fukumaru. Misao discovered Fukumaru in her shed, and since then, the two have become inseparable and the very best of friends. If these photos documenting their relationship throughout the years don't make you feel all warm-and-fuzzy, then... well, let's be honest, that's not even possible. D'AAAWWWWWWWW!

Heartwarming Tearjerker of the Day

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Kyle Camp, a 10-year-old with Down syndrome, went missing Tuesday afternoon. Within hours, hundreds of friends and family had fanned out to find him.

When he didn't turn up, they feared the worst.

But 18 hours after he was last seen, Kyle was discovered safe and sound in a creek -- along with a mini expedition: His four puppies had "kept him warm overnight" in the woods until their barks gave up their location.


Goggies R Owr Friends: Rejected Puppy and Abandoned Kitteh Become Best Friends Forever

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A puppy named Buttons and a kitten named Kitty have become best friends at the Battersea Cats and Dogs home. Buttons, the runt of the litter, was rejected by her mother, but he quickly took to Kitty the kitten at the shelter. They are now inseparable. And adorable, obviously.

Dey b celebraytin ober in Goggie Land too!