Haircut of the Day: Rogue Australian Sheep Gets 90 Pounds Of Fleece Removed
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There's nothing like an new haircut to put a pep in your step.

But this Australian sheep is probably feeling a little better than with the average haircut. And that's because he is also 90 pounds lighter.

A Canberra sheep named Chris was recently captured by animal welfare workers after getting lost from his herd for more than two years. It seems that during this time he really let himself go.

Chris' fleece was sheered off Thursday by four-time national shearing champion Ian Elkins, and it weighed in at around 90 pounds, easily topping the previous record.

Fleece this large can cause serious health problems, said RSPCA ACT chief executive Tammy Ven Dange.

"It can actually make it impossible for them to go to the bathroom. We don't know how bad the damage could be because this has been building for awhile," she said.

Chris is reportedly in good health, and will likely join a local herd to live out the rest of his (lighter) days.

cute sheep image Google Sheep View: A Collection of Sheep From Around the World
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Most people are familiar with the street view feature of Google Maps and the self-driving cars that collect the images.  Ladies and Gentlemen, thanks to this feature and an enterprising Tumblr blog, I now present to you Google Sheep View, a collection of sheep in their pastures as seen from Google Maps. 

These images show a surprising variety of landscapes that sheep are thriving in throughout the world. From Ireland to America to Spain and everywhere in between, you can now scroll through snippets of far away landscapes featuring these fluffy, grazing clouds. 

Some of the images are particularly breathtaking, like the image below. Each country's unique scenery is captured wherever sheep can be found. 

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